Accessing universal controller UVR1611 data online via JAVA library

For quite some time my house has been heated by a pellet heating system from Solvis with a solar collector. The interesting in addition to the CO2 savings is the possibility to be able to query the current operating parameters of the plant online.

The UVR1611 controller (the predecessor of the new UVR16x2 ) used in my heating by the company "Technische Alternative" (TA) offers a data logger as an expansion module, the so-called "BL-NET" (which is unfortunatly no longer sold and replaced by "C.M.I. - Control and Monitoring Interface"). This allows the current data of the control to be accessed via the LAN and displayed on a Windows computer using the "WINSOL" software from TA.
Unfortunately, the communication protocol is proprietary, so you can not easily read the data yourself. So the first step was to develop a Java-based software to access the controller.
I started this project quite some time ago and for my own fun I published it on Github  recently. Please check there for further details.

This is the basis for further szenarios (that  I will report on later) like providing a REST API to query the state of the heating system, making the data online available via or building online dashboards using

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